Sleep, Child King , by Costache Ioanid – Lyrics

Sleep, Child King,
Lord and slave under Law,
Servant with no charge
Infant in arms and Father.

Sleep, little baby,
Your mother is Your daughter.
Sleep in tender care,
Offspring and Master.

Sleep light, my Child,
Snowed up by days,
Angel of far away,
Priest without death.

You come from the Light,
I, from here, from clay.
You, from Holy Heaven.
I, out of the earth.

Sleep, Child of mystery,
Rich without a coat,
Shepherd with no sheepfold,
Logos in the dust.

Mother gives You nourishment,
You give her a crown.
Mother gives you rest,
You, divine countenance.

Sleep, Child of sorrow,
Lamb led to the slaughter.
I raise You toward cross,
You, towards sweet Heaven.

I raise You to suffer,
You raise me to angels.
Mother I'm to You,
God You are to me!

Original lyrics by Romanian poet Costache Ioanid, “Dormi, Copile Rege”. English translation by Poliana Raisa.

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