And Jesus was a child… ,by Costache Ioanid -Lyrics

And Jesus was a child...
With no cradle, with no glory.
And then in His feeble being
shivers of frost have pierced.
And Jesus was a child,
So that all the children will have
                                 a Father in the Skies.

For me and for you,
He was born,
The One who has neither beginning,
nor an end.
For me and for you,
He was suffering;
His whole life, for us,
He has sacrificed.

And Jesus was poor.
Out of mercy looked the shepherds
how His face has burned like poppies.
Saddest out of all the kids.
And Jesus was poor,
So that all poor people will have 

And Jesus was hungry.
And He cried out of the blue
Like the frail lambs, at dawn
With their eyes covered by dew.
And Jesus was hungry,
so that all the famished 
                                   will be satisfied.

And Jesus was a lamb...
Outer lions laid in wait
-on the tops of Judaea,
as well as in the burning waste-
And Jesus was a lamb,
so that all the lambs'll find Him
                                                their Shepherd.

And a servant was Jesus...
On High serving to the Kingdom
On Earth, to Mary and Joseph.
Pledged defeated to whole world.
He was obedient as Son and servant,
so that we would have the bondage
                                  and adoption of Jesus...

Original lyrics by Romanian poet Costache Ioanid, “Și a fost Iisus copil”. English translation by Poliana Raisa.

“And Jesus was a child” -Romanian Christmas Carol with English subtitles

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