Who are you? -by Eugen Ruje -Lyrics

With her long hair... and her rushed pace,
From further away they said it was Mary.
But early on, like any other day,
She was running on the empty streets...
With grief in her chest and thinking only of Him,
With her crushed heart due to the pain...
With a pot full of fragrant myrrh
She didn't know but she was running 
To an empty tomb!

"Who are you? Where have you laid Him?
Do not give a second thought!
Tell me, man, where is Jesus?!
My pot is full of myrrh
All I wanted was to ease His wounds
For He was the only man
That ever loved me..."

She started crying sobbingly...
But at a whisper, she flinched:
"I am, Mary. I have risen.
As it is written, it has happened.
See my hands and my forehead:
I was dead, but now I live, Mary...
Go tell everyone:
As it is written, it has happened:
I have risen from the dead."

"Jesus has risen from the dead!"
She went on telling everyone.
"Good people, Jesus has risen!
He is the true One,
He has even stepped over Death.
He is the only one that has risen!"

Only Him...

Lyrics and music by Eugen Ruje.

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