The Holy Supper, by Eugen Ruje – English Lyrics

(Apasă aici pentru versiunea în Română)


It was a wonderful evening, down in the valley house
Where the apostles of love, were sitting like the flower between the petals
They were at the Holy Supper: Jesus - The Pastor, the disciples.
Sipping from the must, eating from the bread,
Sipping the words of Life.
And then the Pastor between the sheep, whispered, looking at the stars:
"Oh, how I wanted to be with you, at the celebration of new life
At the supper of My sacrifice."
That's how He spoke in the heavy time, Jesus, with His voice like satins:
"This is the mana I give to you, this is My body,
Take, eat, my friends."
Over the holy cup, with voice, He spoke under the moon:
"This is the blood of grace, this is My eternal gift
Drink it together.
Always when you dine together, remember Me;
And those'll be Mine between emperors, who'll love the brothers
more than themselves."

The story is long, and I'd like the time to be sufficient
But I can't not say a thing
The Gethsemane Garden, the place of bitterness,
Was and will be forever.
- In Gethsemane...

His tears, cleaved the earth
From His warm blood, flowers were resurrected.
It was the same for us, we were buried
But His holy blood rose us to Life.

It was so long, so very long since then,
When one day He died on the wood of a cross.

Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, wore the cross
So that we and you, and you and me will be delivered.
For mine and yours' sake, and of the entire world,
He endured the death of a heavy crucifixion.

What a wonderful name! What a true name!
Jesus gave to us when He died on the cross.
Convicted to death and unforgiven we were,
But through His sacrifice we were blessed!

We were doomed to death,
Guilty of old sins
But Jesus took them all
Praise, praise, praise to Him!
The Holy Supper (with English subtitles)

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