The teacher, by Octavian Goga

Serene old man, your clear temple
I ask forever as my hope's guard.
From the sun of my childhood
On your forehead still blinks a ray.
In my soul I feel how darkness smashes away
And braids itself the white morning
When your eye falls in my heart,
Melting softly its citadel of ice.

Today, as a saint from an old icon
Gentle you rise with your meek face,
With a good smile, with dutiful and clear eyes,
Brilliant of tears and light.
You bring with you so many jewels
From the buried treasury of times,
And the memory in its country takes me,
With steady steps, in its golden chariot...

I see myself on the doorstep of better days...
A house on the hill, with leaned eaves,
Where it listened to your advice
So much laughter and so much health.
On the forehead you seemed as a fairytale wise man
When the sun, passing over the fountain,
Gentle got in through the straw eave
And it lit up your old spelling book.

It was of old. - A beam who fights
In vain with the ice meadows.
You see, today, another life's wave takes me
And the wisdom of another world teaches me.
But the soul even now has its nest
Up there, in the village under the mountains,
Where today still smiles, understanding,
The pristine fairness of the grey locks.

Your spelling book, under the doorstep of the girder
Rests its dead teachings,
But your voice even today, on feast day,
Carries the entire heaviness' burden.
Lost I listen to your troparia from the pew
And inmost and holy seems the tricet,
It seems that the spirit of another world touches me,
In a soft flight, on my forehead with its wing.

For I feel floating through the smoke of incense
The holiness of the immaculate song,
Which reddened a world with the serene
Piety of the forgotten times.
And in your eyes I see shining the spark
From the large fire of the love of the law,
Which through the flood of the black ages
Enlightened us our wandering paths.

Lyrics by Romanian Poet Octavian Goga.
English translation: Poliana Raisa.

With English subtitles

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